Handbook  of  Cable & Wire  Producer                                 


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                        A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O  P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 

A Aluminium conductor in general  
A- National Cable Type Harmonised coding- Europe
A Amper  
Al Aluminium Wire  
AWG American Wire Gauge  
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials  
ANSI American National Standards Institute  
B EthylenePropylene Rubber Harmonised coding- Europe
Bi-Metal A metal that 2 metal combined together ( CCA, CCS etc,,)  
Blind core A string that is made of insulating material placed as core in order to maintain circular homogenous external shape.  
BUS A communication system that transfers data between components or electronic devices   
BS British Standard  
BASEC British Approvals Service for Cables  
BDC Bulgarian Standards  
-C Copper Braiding  
CATV Common Antenna Television  
CCA Copper clad Aluminium  
CCAM Copper Clad Aluminium+Magnesium  
CCS Copper clad Steel  
CCTV Closed Circuit Television  
CEBEC Comit Electrotechnique Belgium  
core Insulated conductor in cable  
CPE Cholorinated Polyethylene  
Cu Copper  
CYY Equivalent of NYY cable Spain
CYY-F Equivalent of NYY cable with enhanced flame resistance  
D.O.A Dioctyl phthalate Adipate Plasticizer
D.O.P Dioctyl phthalate Plasticizer
D.I.D.P Diisodecyl phthalate Plasticizer
D.O.T.P Dioctyl Terephthalate Plasticizer
D.I.O.P Diisooctyl phthalate Plasticizer
D.I.N.P Diisononyl phthalate Plasticizer
DIN Deutsches Institut fr Normung(German Institute for Standardization)  
EVA Ethylene vinyl acetate  
EIA Electronic Industries Alliance  
EPR Ethylene Propylene Rubber  
EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber  
-F Fine conductor.( flexiblle installation)  
F Flat wire armouring VDE0271
FTP Foiled twisted pair ( ref. LAN cables)  
G Cable that has protective conductor (3g2,5) Harmonised coding- Europe
Gb Galvanized Steel tape over armouring VDE0271
G Grounding  
GOST Russian Standards(ГОСТ  
H Flat cable , cores divisible Harmonised coding- Europe
H03VV-F Flexible low voltage power cable ( 300/300V) Harmonised coding- Europe
H05VV-F Flexible low voltage power cable ( 300/500V) Harmonised coding- Europe
H03VH-H Flat Divisible flexible power cable (300/300 V) Harmonised coding- Europe
H2 Cores undivisible Harmonised coding- Europe
H03VVH2-F Flexible Low voltage flat cable with undivisible cores Harmonised coding- Europe
-H Super Fine flexible conductor Harmonised coding- Europe
H6 Flat cable non-seperable for lifts Harmonised coding- Europe
H8 Helical/ Spiral cable Harmonised coding- Europe
H05/07BQF Rubber insulated, polyurethane sheathed power cable  
HV High Voltage Cable  
HF Halogen Free  
HFFR Halogen Free Flame Retardent  
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission  
ISO The International Organization for Standardization  
IACS International Annealed Copper Standard  
-J Glass Fibre Braiding Harmonised coding- Europe
-JZ Cores Number coded  
-K Class 5 stranded fine conductor (fixed installation) Harmonised coding- Europe
K Cathode  
kV KiloVolt  
Li- Stranded copper conductor VDE
LV Low Voltage ( cable )  
LME London Metal Exchange  
LSOH Low Smoke "0"(zero) Halogen  
LSF Low Smoke Fume  
LSZF Low Smoke Zero Halogen  
LSF0H Low Smoke Fume Zero Halogen  
M Multi-wire  
M- Marine Cables in general  
MPA Mega Pascal  
Modbus Serial Communications protocol for connecting industrial electronic devices  
MV Medium Voltage ( cable )  
Multi-core cabe Cable with two or more cores  
N Polychloprane Rubber Harmonised coding- Europe
N2XH 0,6/1kV Power cable ,Crosslinked insulation with halogen free sheathing cable Europe
N2XY 0,6/1kV Power cable ,Crosslinked insulation with PVC sheathing cable Europe
NBR Nitrile butadiene rubber, oil-resistant synthetic rubber copolymer
(N)HMH Halogen Free Flame resistant  power cable Europe
NHXMH Halogen Free Flame resistant  power cable-cross linked insulation Europe
NYAFZ Equivalent of H03VH-H  cable  
NYM PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable Europe
NYIFY 300/300V Flat indoor power cable  
NYY 0,6/1kV PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable Europe
-O Without Protective conductor  
- Oil Resistant VDE0271
PA Polyamid  
PE Polyethylene  
PFPE Physical Foam Polyethylene  
PP Polypropylene  
PS Polystyrene  
PVC Polyvinylcholoride  
PUR Polyurethane  
pimf Pairs in metal foil  
Profibus Process Field Bus  
Q Polyurethane as sheathing material Harmonised coding- Europe
RG Radio Grade - As Refers to Coaxial cable,and categorizing coaxial cable types  
RG6 U-4 Drop cable for CATV, CCTV, SATV systems  
RG6 U-6 Drop cable for CATV, CCTV, SATV systems  
RG6 Trishield Drop cable for CATV, CCTV, SATV systems  
-R Class II  stranded wire  
R Natural or synthetic rubber Harmonised coding- Europe
R Round wire armouring VDE0271
re Round solid wire  
rm Round stranded wire  
RF Radio Frequency  
S Silicone Rubber  
SATV Satellite Antennna Television  
se Sector shape solid conductor  
sm Sector shape stranded conductor  
-S Steel Braiding  
st Screen Tape -( common use  -(st)-) European
STP Shielded Twisted Pair ( ref. LAN CABLES)  
SWA Steel Wire Armouring  
SWG Standard Wire Gauge (also known as British wire gauge)  
-T Textile Braiding Harmonised coding- Europe
T.O.T.M Trioctyl Trimellitate  
TSE Turkish Standard Institute  
TP Twisted pair  
TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane  
-U Solid Conductor  
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair  
UL Underwriters Laboratories Certfifcation
V PVC Harmonised coding- Europe
V2 PVC (+90 celcius) Harmonised coding- Europe
V3 PVC cold resistant Harmonised coding- Europe
V5 PVC with enhanced oil resistance Harmonised coding- Europe
VDE Verband Deutscher Elektroingenieure  
VTLmB Equivalent of H03VH-H  cable Germany
-W Resisstant to heat and corrosion VDE0271
X Cable that has no protective conductor  (3 x 2,5) Harmonised coding- Europe
XLPE Cross Linked Polyethylene  
Y Polyvinylchloride (PVC) as sheathing material VDE-0271
YZwL Equivalent of H03VH-H  cable  
Z1 Halogen free insulation Harmonised coding- Europe
11Y TPU Harmonised coding- Europe
2Y Polyethylene ( PE ) VDE0271
2X Cross Linked PE VDE0271
3181Y Equivalent of  H03VV-F/ H05VV-F UK