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Welcome to Handbook of Cable Producer

We are here to assist fellow cable producers.  You are a professional in cable production industry and you need help whether to find machinery for your production or raw material ; we have the answers for you. Perhaps your client has asked you a new type that you cannot figure out and looking for a piece of terminology.  That is also available here. If you are having problem with simple basic calculation either with a braiding or stranding, you may  check our "basic calculations" section.  Here are what is available for you in Handbook of Cable  Producer

History:  From beginning till now.  From first cable production to transmit electric current untill today. What happened in cable industry . How it was back then and how it is today. You may find it interesting to read.

Terminology:  Essential everyday.  Specially , if you are producing for global market, it is almost everyday you need to learn a new term.  In our industry , we all know that an alphabet at the end or beginning  of a cable code/name can change the structure of the final product in large scale. Unfortunately, there is not a worldwide standard. It is perhaps the same cable with same  technical properties but  it is called different in different regions/countries. Knowing that terminology plays a big role in our industry , we have established terminology section.  We hope you would find it helpful.  Your additions and comments are welcome.

Basic Calculations:  They are very simple and basic calculations. Calculations that we make on daily basis. For some of us they are very easy , while some others still struggling to choose correct drum size or what would be the coverage ratio of braiding.  One way or the other ; we gathered some helpful tips for you.

Machinery:  You might be considering to start cable production from scratch or you are  looking for expanding or renovating your machinery park.  In this section , you would find machinery types.  A brief information of what this machine is used for; advantages and disadvantages in production. Basic layout and parts of the machine. A list of worldwide suppliers of this machine with sub-listing for different geographic regions.. Using this list , you can contact with suppliers , ask questions and get quotations.